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8th July 2024 - July 8th Alpha Updates

It was an optimization and polish kind of week!

If either Rune Mysteries or Dorics Quest are broken for you, you can reset and redo them with these commands:
::setvar runemysteries_progress 0
::setvar doric_progress 0

Or if you want to just mark them as complete...
::setvar runemysteries_progress 6
::setvar doric_progress 100

Be sure to relog if you want to see the tab update!

Content Changes


  • Fishing Trawler
  • All flour mills are added
  • ::server stats debugproc


  • Config updates, more members tagging on NPCs
  • Gnomeball fixes
  • Big Net missing level reqs, reverted diagonal fishing fix
  • Poison Chalice was healing 6% instead of +6
  • Macro event fixes
  • Double door fixes
  • Delrith timer attempt 2
  • Remove mining randoms' debug code
  • Edgeville dungeon shed door
  • Change forcewalk proc to correctly force walking speed
  • Add authentic typo to Waterfall Quest
  • Cooks Assistant fixes
  • Red/Green Goblin misc. dialogue
  • Update Dorics' Quest to use OSRS varp states
  • Guild Master dialogue
  • Accurate mes for prayer, dragons, gnomeball, leather, and mining
  • Update Rune Mysteries Quest varp states, refined quest

Engine Changes


  • Script profiling
  • Support crawl move speed
  • New admin commands: teleto, teleother, setvarother
  • New .env properties


  • Performance optimizations, optimized pBit
  • Appearance mask being set but not sent
  • World class refactor
  • Local servers loading players with spaces in name
  • Redefined command accesses
  • Use enclosed if obj receiver == -1

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