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1st July 2024 - July 1st Alpha Updates

Plenty of goodies to try - more content in Yanille, Jungle Potion, Gnome Ball, and NPCs can become tolerant of players that sit in areas for 10 minutes.

Also, we moved the website out of the Server repo! Less dependencies, less overlapping code/commits.

Website Changes

  • Updated Modern Webclient build
  • client-inner was replaced with "rs2.cgi" (based on original routes) and &method was replaced with &plugin. The client route still uses method for the time being, but client-inner has been updated.

Content Changes


  • Magic guild, rest of Yanille agility dungeon
  • Jungle Potion quest
  • More NPC sounds + animations
  • Gnome Ball minigame
  • Use of an inv for shooting ammo


  • No more error when checking strength unlocks
  • Gnome cooking null checks and typo fix
  • Thieving fixes + other small fixes
  • A few random event fixes
  • Make tribesmen aggro, minor typos
  • Delrith being unattackable outside of 2 zones
  • Vampire slayer adjustments
  • Delrith respawn timer
  • Traiborn typo
  • Change Fight Arena quest color on start
  • Typos in tutorial island text
  • Play diagonal door sounds after movement finishes
  • Prevent random events in tutorial island
  • Red dragons are now aggresseive
  • Goblin Diplomacy fixes

Engine Changes


  • New RuneScript commands
  • NPC aggression timer
  • Packet encoding refactor
  • Hunt checkafk support
  • Authentic NPC config stat codes
  • ai_queue uses last_int instead of $arg now
  • NPCs in the wilderness ignore player's combat level


  • Was not setting previous stepped tile to west on teleport and exactmove
  • VARP_SMALL was treated as unsigned byte instead of byte, now sends VARP_LARGE in missing cases
  • Replenish 1 of a stat upon levelup
  • Run energy restoration through interfaces
  • Always send run weight on first login
  • Increase timeouts for old PCs that struggle to load maps
  • Replaced queue2 workaround with .queue

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