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4th May 2024 - May 4th Alpha Updates

May the 4th be with you!

Website Changes


  • Worldmap applet
  • Default client is now Client2 - a complete source port to TypeScript - it is now mature enough and no longer experimental. The previous client was transpiled with TeaVM and is deprecated with this release.

Content Changes


  • -1 stat command inputs
  • Some cooking levelup reward messages
  • Rename remaining holiday items

Engine Changes


  • staffmodlevel command & login response
  • Trig commands
  • Hunt commands
  • Use Packet2 for cache packing and cache types decoding
  • World speed engine command
  • Implement huntall checkvis arg and refactor
  • Entire Packet2 implementation
  • Worldmap generation
  • Simplified setup, pack scripts renamed to build


  • Enable WordEnc tests
  • Remove unused imports and update eslint rules
  • Use .skip rather than commenting out tests
  • Fix eslint and and test failures
  • NPCs processing after being removed from world
  • Movement code to use MoveSpeed
  • Energy draining during exactmove
  • blockWalkFlag check on Npcs
  • PathingEntity waypoints
  • Unprotect %questpoints
  • Map packing was not filtering on file extension

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