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Of the following additional content, which made you become a member?01 Jun 2004
Which option below is the strongest reason why you became a member?25 May 2004
Where do you access the internet to play RuneScape most from?17 May 2004
How long have you played RuneScape for?11 May 2004
What Computer Game Console do you own?04 May 2004
What is your favourite non-combat skill?26 Apr 2004
What screen resolution do you play RuneScape at?19 Apr 2004
What type of connection do you mostly play RuneScape from?14 Apr 2004
Before RuneScape, had you ever played other online RPGs?05 Apr 2004
What would you like to see added to RuneScape in the future?29 Mar 2004
Which of the following Age/Gender group do you belong to?22 Mar 2004
What do you enjoy most in RuneScape?15 Mar 2004
Where did you first hear about RuneScape?08 Mar 2004
Halloween Drop23 Oct 2003
Australasia Server12 Jun 2003
Letters to the Gods22 May 2003

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