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27th June 2024 - 2 new world regions!

There's a few important checklist items before we can consider leaving alpha, one of them is player accessibility.
Everyone should have an option to play without packets crossing thousands of miles of ocean!

Trying to balance the cost/benefit ratio, I've spun up 4 more worlds (2 regions * free/members) for the time being to see how they do and if there's any feedback about the options.

The current set of worlds may not be what we launch with:
  • United States: Worlds 1 & 2
  • Germany: Worlds 3 & 4
  • Australia (Sydney): Worlds 5 & 6 (new)
  • Japan (Osaka): Worlds 7 & 8 (new)
If it seems like overkill, you haven't played with 300ms+ ping before.

p.s. World 3 and World 4 have been swapped, so odd-numbered worlds run the free content and even-numbered worlds run the members content.
I'm also aware other projects out there have opted for geo-load balancing to one world, but there's some fundamental differences there that make it a no-go for us. World hopping is a plus too ;)

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