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19th April 2024 - April 19th Alpha Updates

Content Changes


Duel Arena
Added and refined many animations


Level 40 smithing reward for gold ore was missing a closing color tag
~bank_withdraw_request authenticity changes
Kolodions ethereal form had wrong animations
Firemaking fixes
Iban staff equip script was missing the jump to equip

Engine Changes


2x-2.5x pathfinder speedup after switching to AssemblyScript for finer control over instructions
Support for type=string variables
movecheck renamed to walktrigger, no longer returns a boolean - use p_walk(coord) or npc_walk(coord), or p_stopaction. It runs once and clears, but can be re-set inside if needed next tick
p_clearpendingaction command to stop the next interaction without clearing your walk steps
givechase added to NpcType config, but not utilized yet. It controls whether the interaction should clear if the player walks away e.g. fighting an imp and they don't give chase after the player


Only loop through queues once (original behavior)
Authentic client+server packing: all client opcodes in client cache, all server opcodes in server cache, and the server will load both
CRC checks enforced on client cache
Boolean values in configs now accept yes/true/1 and no/false/0. Yes/no is preferred
Replaced engine code test suite to allow for top-level awaits (used by wasm initialization)

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